Jeske with Verna Charlton
Classic Live Country Music

Verna Charlton

Mile Zero 1988-1991: Verna signed on as a solo artist with Musicline Records in 1991. Their roster included many respectable acts including Long John Baldry. Musicline immediately paired her up with most of the top people in Nashville - songwriters, session players and producers were the best at the time.  The sessions were done in Vancouver, BC, and Nashville, TN. Some tracks were produced by Bobby Wood, who used the same session players as Garth Brooks. (Bobby Wood produced him, too.)  Other tracks were produced by Ralph Murphy, and always with top session players and 2" tape. There were a lot of problems with her record label, which severely limited her success.

Canadian tracks did well for her, though, especially the top 10 singles "Still in Love With You", "Between Your Heart and Mine" and "Breakin' All Over Town". "Family Pictures" reached #29. Verna parted ways with that label and in 1994 formed her own label, Mighty Peace Records. She released the album "Third Time Lucky" under that label in 1996. She stuck to her roots on this one and made a fine record, even though country music was headed in a different direction.

"Cage the Songbird", Verna's latest album, allows her to showcase her sweet sound on some wonderful covers. 

Verna has that voice, instantly recognizable and emotionally believable, whether comforting and warm or heartbroken and wistful. I still truly believe, as I always have, that "Everybody should hear that woman sing!" 

-  Marty Peterson, Dawson Creek, B.C. July 2012


Husband and wife singer songwriting team, Claus and Paula Jeske, are steeped in traditional country and rural roots.  Their Duo-ship began over 30 years ago, playing the dancehalls and festivals of rural Alberta. They offer up tight harmonies, intertwined with smooth piano fills and gutsy guitar solos.

With 4 gospel albums and 1 Country album, they continue to bring their foot-stompin', hand-clappin', soul soaring, and heart warming brand of music to audiences everywhere!